The 2022 Arena Academy has already begun! Please fill out form below if you are interested in getting more details about the 2023 class. Applications will be accepted in the fall of 2022. 

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2023 Arena Academy

Applications period is currently closed and will reopen in October 2023 to become an Arena Method Certified Coach and/or Certified Instructor. We would love to invite you in to join us! This journey can be completed in as little as nine months and will include weekly small group trainings with either Matt LaBosco or Josh Guerrero along with a monthly group call with both of them! Expect an annual retreat together as well! This 2023 group will be capped at 20 so let us know if you're interested! 
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HIGHLIGHTS of Arena Method COACHING Certification: 
  • Develop World Class Coaching Skills Learn the skills to change people's lives, in addition to the imperative entrepreneurial skills needed to sustain and maximize your impact.

  • Lifetime access to an ever growing online library of coaching content & entrepreneurial training with no additional recurring cost.

  • Annual Retreat (optional) with the Arena Method Coach Family.

  • Get COACHING affiliate code Upon certification, become an official affiliate of Arena Method and use us as a platform to build your impact business.

  • IMPACT On top of our commitment to donate 10% of the organization's net profit, we will donate 20% of all the money we collect throughout the Certification Program to Charity.
    (please refer to our IMPACT TAB for more info)
HIGHLIGHTS of Arena Method INSTRUCTOR Certification: 
  • Everything in the Coaching Certification, PLUS:

  • LIVE weekly training - You will go through trainings every week in your select cohort (Matt or Josh) to learn about and practice the science of behavior change and the art of coaching.
  • Become a trained course INSTRUCTOR Learn how to facilitate the Arena Method curriculum in a 1-on-1 or group setting. 
  • Get paid as you go through certification and make 100% of your initial investment back before you get certified! 

  •  Get INSTRUCTOR affiliate code Upon certification, become an official INSTRUCTOR affiliate of Arena Method and use us as a platform to build your impact business.

*Our goal is to maximize impact. If initial cost is prohibitive, please contact us and we will evaluate on a case by case basis.

The Arena Academy was designed with YOU in mind...

In order to be successful in coaching others (leading people in the Arena), you have to be heart-driven and service orientated. However, this doesn't mean your time is not valuable. This is why we designed our Academy to supplement your income while you're in training. 

Once certified, you will officially become an Ambassador of Arena Method and can use our platform and methodology to create your business and client practice, or use it as a supplemental tool to your existing business. 

The hallmarks of success in the coaching industry are INTEGRITYINNOVATION, and INTEGRATION. Without integrity as the foundation, everything you build will be based on a house of cards. Without the freedom to innovate and bring your uniqueness to your clients, success and impact will be diminished. Integration of different concepts and ideas is necessary to create the results you're looking to get with your clients.